Sunday, 28 October 2012

I can be body beautiful at any age with Wacoal..

My body looks so different now that I have 2 children, compare to what it looks like when I'm still 19, I started having this love handles, my bum is starting to loose it's shape and there's like a bulging fat at my sides and back whenever I wear my bra.. It's so frustrating cause I'm just 25 now, And I'm dreading to see what I'm gonna look like when I reach my 30's or 40's.

I decided to wear a bigger size jeans and it helps, I managed to get rid of those love handles. But when I decided to wear a bigger size brassieres to get rid of those fats on my sides and back, it didn't help. It shows on my shirt that I'm wearing a bra which is too big for my cup size. I don't know what to do (other than surgery, which is not gonna happen!) so I decided to ask my mom instead. (as usual)

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The next step, (Business Plan)

Ok,.. so you think you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur, and you already have an idea of what business you're planning to open. Now the next step is to start your business plan, This is the first and very crucial step, you can't start a business without this..

Everything that you do before you do it, you make a plan..

In business it's very important, it's like building a house without a construction plan., In writing a business plan you will have a better idea of what you're doing, it will help you start and run your business successfully. It also helps you get investors to finance you're business.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Let's talk business

As promise I am now gonna be sharing to you guys my thoughts regarding entrepreneurship.,

First the question is why be an entrepreneur? Well the main reason entrepreneurs want to start a business is so they could make money of course, be they're own boss, get rich and popular, to be known or whatever reason an entrepreneur might have, but the real framework for anything you would like to accomplish is making money.

Almost half of the world's richest people are entrepreneurs, which makes having business the number one way to get rich, and sometimes very rich. Anybody with the dedication, dreams, drive, patience and deep burning desire to make their ideas work. can start a successful small business of their own.

But first do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Let us talk some things that you will need to consider.

  *In business if done right can make a lot of money but you should also remember that you can also lose a lot of your hard earned savings, if your business fails.
*You may now have an employees of your own reporting to you but you're also responsible for them and their family.
*Are you ready to work long hours? You may have flexible hours but you also have to work late. specially at the start of your business.
*You maybe your own boss but you are also a slave, Are you willing to do whatever it takes such as menial tasks? sometimes when things needs to be done, you'll do it yourself to save money..   
*Once you start your business, you'll have to commit to it. It's a never ending tasks which might make you give up your social life and you might even loses time for your family life,

Those are just few things you gotta think about before you decide to go into this business world where only few courageous and dedicated people succeeds. I mean having a business is not all about counting money everyday, so you gotta prepare yourself for that.

It may be fun and fulfilling to follow your dreams but attaining dreams is a huge struggle with lots of uncertainty. You need to know how to handle stress and have lots of patience, sometimes it takes 3months, 1 year even 2years for some business to start earning.

You need to learn when to raise that white flag, or when to keep fighting... To open a business you gotta have that courage, the knowledge, positivity, moral support from family and friends and of course a lot of prayers. 

My next post would be about legalities and stuff regarding business... bye for now ^ ^, 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The strongest connections are at home...

Ohhh, Guys have you seen this??
Our sweet Derek just got rejected by his Anna Banana! 

I missed writing!

I"m back!... hehe yeah, it's been what, a month and a half? well it's not that long but it feels like it.. I really miss writing stuff about what I see, hear and experience in my everyday life..

Anyway, what have I been doing last month?
Gosh you'll never believe it, I just opened my own business, yup you heard it right (or read it rather) that's why I wasn't able to write at all because I've been very busy and so focus on this business.

I will be sharing to you everything that I have gone through, from the very beginning, planning it, getting all the papers done, opening it and all the struggles, headaches and all... who would have thought that opening a business could be this stressful.. lol!

Bye, for now... will be writing again regularly, but for now I need to catch some sleep na muna so good night!! =)

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

What's the real deal?

I keep hearing this noises from our fellow Filipinos about PNoy giving away 1billion to IMF to help European economy.... Is this really the deal?  or are we just missing a very important detail about this certain 1billion pledge from PNoy.. when we hear giving away a huge amount of money to a country who our suppose to be richer than us, who wouldn't get mad?.. 

But guys let me try to explain to you what I think is the reason behind all this... After doing certain amount of researching this is what I came up with.

Philippines paid its debt to the IMF in 2006.

Philippines has now loaned (not given) 1b to the IMF as part of an emergency fund to support the European Union economy.  The money is a loan, not a gift, and comes from the 76b foreign exchange reserve that the BSP (Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas) government bank in Philippines has access too.  Philippines will earn interest on the loan until it is paid back by the European countries

So, 2 benefits

1) it makes money for Philippines through the interest that we get from the loan, instead of losing money due to inflation
2) it protects the value of the USD and the Euro, which keeps inflation in philippines lower (so lower prices - eg, fuel!) and also keeps the value of our foreign reserves high (Eg, 76b which we have invested in foreign countries - if the USD value collapased, then those foreign reserves would be worth less)

Another benefit is that by helping the EU economy it will give greater job/commercial opportunities for Filipino's and protect existing jobs for our fellow Filipinos abroad…

Simple explanation: if these first world countries fall down we are all gonna suffer from it as well,
It's like a domino effect, Europe and America buys billions of dollars of goods which are manufactured in Philippines, Imagine if they're all broke, who would buy those goods?

If nobody is buying the goods, whose gonna pay the wages of our workers?. Businesses will close and people will lose their jobs.. and by the way our OFWs will be sent home as well because there would be no job for them..

So there, that's what I've learned from researching about what's the real deal regarding this issue.

Moral Lesson... Don't believe the first thing you read, there's two sides to every story. =)


Monday, 25 June 2012

Good bye iPhone 3g...... T T

My iPhone 3g has said his goodbyes today.. not because it just decided not to work anymore but because my daughter got curious weather my iPhone would float or not if she drops it in the basin full of water! unfortunately it didn't float, and when I tried to rescue it, it was too late already...

My hubby who works at a cellphone company, told me before to shutdown the phone the minute it gets wet and don't try to turn it on again, wait till it dries first, but since it's been under the water for like 2 to 3 minutes already, I guess I was to late..

My hubby's technicians had failed to fix it, not because they can't fix it anymore but because he doesn't have any parts to replace the broken ones, and even if we buy those parts, it's useless because it's too expensive, I would rather buy a new phone.. they classified my phone as 'B.E.R' (Beyond Economical Repair) as in it cost more money to fix it than it will be worth when it's fixed..

Lucky me my hubby's got an extra phone that we only use for emergency.. And since me not having phone is an emergency,

I guess I'll be using his blackberry then.. I just don't really like it much because it's too boring for me.. But its fine for now.. I'm still contemplating if I'll buy a new iPhone again or buy an android phone like the new Samsung Galaxy SIII.. (why not? hehe),

Or maybe I should just buy a really cheap one instead... haisssstt.....